Links 4/13/23

Links for you. Science:

Detection of viable SARS-CoV-2 in retrospective analysis of aerosol samples collected from hospital rooms of patients with COVID-19
‘Long COVID’ neurological symptoms traced to infected immune cells (paper here)
Adeno-associated virus type 2 in US children with acute severe hepatitis
Horses came to American West by early 1600s (paper here)
‘The Last of Us’ Is Right. Our Warming Planet Is a Petri Dish.
Human disturbance increases coronavirus prevalence in bats


The new Clarence Thomas revelations are shocking. Democrats must act.
Tennessee Capitol protest explainer: Here’s what did and did not happen
Wisconsin’s stunning outcome puts MAGA Republicans in a serious bind
The GOP: A Cornered and Wounded Animal
Redistricting mid-decade is banned in North Carolina. Republicans are planning to do it anyway
Once near extinction, the tribe called Samaritans lives on
Bring back WMATA’s anti-sexual harassment campaigns
I’m no genius with genuses, but your garden is killing the Earth
Clarence Thomas Defends Undisclosed “Family Trips” with GOP Megadonor. Here Are the Facts. In response to a ProPublica report, Thomas explained why he did not disclose lavish travel provided by billionaire Harlan Crow. But legal experts maintain the justice was required to make these disclosures.
The ‘Tennessee 3’ saga highlights the GOP retreat into Fortress MAGA
Tennessee Three — minus one— expelled: Republicans remove all doubt that they oppose democracy
Democrats Can Win on Trans Issues—but Only if They Fight. Though culture war bigotry loses at the ballot box, centrist Democrats have been too quick to surrender.
D.C. Lawmakers Scramble To Limit Rent Hikes As Deadline Looms
Ventilation Improvements Among K–12 Public School Districts — United States, August–December 2022 (utter policy failure)
Abortion’s Dead Center
NYPD officers brag about milking overtime, call detainees names in accidental recording
Tlaib, Omar, and Garcia Reintroduce the End Child Poverty Act: The best child allowance proposal is back.
With liberals in charge, Wisconsin Supreme Court could rule on these issues
Clarence Thomas and the Ethical Disaster of the Supreme Court: Undisclosed gifts from billionaires won’t even embarrass the right.
Tennessee Faults
Florida officials deleted data, stats from dubious COVID analysis
Clarence Thomas Broke the Law and It Isn’t Even Close. It probably won’t matter. But it should.
No One Should Be That Shocked by What’s Happening in Tennessee. I covered the statehouse for years. It’s been heading in this direction for a while.
Iowa AG halted Plan B, abortion payments for sexual assault victims
IRS overhaul aims for tenfold increase in audits of the wealthy. Officials plan to use funding from the Inflation Reduction Act to improve IRS customer service and claw back unpaid sums from wealthy tax dodgers
Angel Reese Meets the Same Old Stereotypes. The LSU star doesn’t deserve the second-guessing.

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