Always Be Crimeing

We’ll have to see what the ‘indicatement’ of Trump contains, but this is important context (boldface mine):

The Republican and right-wing reaction is just insane. Trump’s been in legal jeopardy his entire life. Read the Wikipedia entry “Legal Affairs of Donald Trump”: around 3,500 lawsuits, 1,450 as defendant; 169 suits in federal court; 100 tax disputes, with 36 liens against his properties for nonpayment of taxes; settlements in 100 cases; and of course the conviction of the Trump Organization last December on 17 criminal charges. He’s been a one-man crime wave his entire adult life. The wonder is that it’s taken this long for him to be indicted.

I have no idea if Bragg can make the case–though if Cohen went to jail for carrying out Trump’s order, it stands to reason that Trump might do the same. But this is a guy who does a lot of criminal stuff. No one should be surprised he finally got caught. Maybe he could take a page from his fellow conservatives and take some personal responsibility for his actions…

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  1. adameran says:

    Here’s the best article about elite immunity.

    It documents a history of presidential crime, starting with Grover Cleveland, who apparently raped a woman and fathered a child…then got off scot free. Elite immunity is not anything new.

    Compare and contrast to labor persecution:

    The Double Standard for Keeping Capital and Labor Honest – Robert Kuttner, March 29, 2023 [The American Prospect]


    The overwhelming majority of union leaders are honest and democratically accountable to the membership. But when corruption sets in, the government doesn’t mess around. According to Labor Department records, in the past decade there were 2,505 criminal investigations of union officials and 821 convictions. Hundreds did prison time, mostly for embezzlement of union funds.

    During the same period, not a single top Wall Street executive went to jail, despite the fact that Wall Street frauds cost the economy trillions while the typical union misappropriation was in the thousands or low millions.

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