Links 4/3/23

Links for you. Science:

Antibody-mediated protection against symptomatic COVID-19 can be achieved at low serum neutralizing titers (unfortunately, the Biden administration has decided the pandemic is over, so this won’t be pushed/accelerated etc. New Dems gonna New Dem)
How Long COVID affects the careers of top athletes
A Sting Operation to Save Elephants, With No Stings
MPXV and SARS-CoV-2 in the air of nightclubs in Spain
Meta-analysis reveals risk, protective factors for long COVID
First emergence of Marburg virus in Equatorial Guinea, 2023


Some loose thoughts on masking (my second day in Seoul). I had no idea the norm against masking in the US is so strong. (excellent, must-read)
Learning from Silicon Valley Bank’s apologists (excellent)
Banks Can’t Be Trusted. A ‘Golden Share’ Might Help.
The War on Gun Violence Has Failed. And Black Men Are Paying the Price.
Why we’re still stuck in Trump’s world
Conservatives Define What ‘Woke’ Means To Them
Thiel and the Tycoons
Crack down on guns for the Nashville school shooting, not trans people
Idaho Is About To Become The First State To Restrict Interstate Travel For Abortion
We Can’t Afford to Lose the Texas Observer (why the left construed somewhat broadly, can’t have nice things)
Chicago’s Mayoral Race Pits the Teachers Union Against the Police Union
Iowa’s sharp right turn: From centrist state to ‘Florida of the North’
Elon Musk has turned Twitter into a disinformation service for hire, and it’s getting much worse
A Scammer Who Tricks Instagram Into Banning Influencers Has Never Been Identified. We May Have Found Him.
There Is No ‘Motive’ for Shooting 9-Year-Old Kids: The search for a “reason” where there is none serves an important function in America’s insane gun culture.
Why guns are America’s number one killer of children
‘Wokeness’ is winning
DeSantis has never been tested. And it shows.
Why Are Public Restrooms Still So Rare? (fear of homeless people)
That jarring new poll on ‘patriotism’
Bowser Proposes MPD Take Over Functions Of D.C.’s Troubled Crime Lab
D.C. Campaign Office Throws Out Last Complaint Against Former Councilmember Over Polling
Free Money For Billionaires
D.C.’s Use of Eminent Domain Prompts Bruising Fight Over Ward 7 Project Abandoned by Walmart
Too few D.C. students finish college. This program aims to change that.
The most important election this year is happening in Wisconsin. Will the billionaire funders of election deniers get their pick?

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