Links 4/4/23

Links for you. Science:

COVID-origins report sparks debate over major genome hub GISAID. GISAID revoked researchers’ access following the report, sparking discussion about findings based on data found in online repositories.
The Myth of the Alpha Wolf
Sugar-powered teabag-like implant successfully manages type 1 diabetes
Study finds evidence of resistance to COVID-19 drugs (paper here; no one could have predicted….)
Dispute simmers over who first shared SARS-CoV-2’s genome. Scientists suggest GISAID, a virus sequence database, is rewriting pandemic history
Accelerated Longitudinal Weight Gain Among Infants With In Utero COVID-19 Exposure


What the Republican Push for ‘Parents’ Rights’ Is Really About
Texas GOP Proposes Bill To Allow Sec Of State To Overturn Election Results In State’s Largest Blue County (this is why some Republicans are pissed about Trump’s election fantasies: it gets in the way of actual disenfranchisement efforts)
Twitter is dying
Twitter isn’t dying. Elon Musk is murdering it (counterpoint!)
4 Explanations for the Teen Mental-Health Crisis (mine is a combo of the forces leading to and resulting from Gamergate and non-stop bombardment with public narcissistic personalities)
My 6-Year-Old Son Died. Then the Anti-vaxxers Found Out. Opponents of COVID vaccines terrorize grieving families on social media. (these defilers of the dead have been doing this for twenty plus years)
America Is Sacrificing Its Children at the Altar of the Gun. Mass shootings are a political problem. A democracy problem. A uniquely American problem.
Cult leader
I’m a progressive in Kentucky. I think Republicans want me to leave.
Why the Repeal of Anti-Union Laws in Michigan Boosts Workers Nationwide
‘Get the f— out of the way’: John Leguizamo has a message for do-nothing-about-guns Republicans
How the Tennessee GOP is Trying to Mute Music City. Recent Republican efforts to diminish Nashville’s political autonomy are adding to conservative state governments’ efforts throughout the South to remake liberal cities in their image.
Democrats May Be Ready To Tank One Of Joe Biden’s Court Picks
We will stop at nothing to protect the children
The Atlantic Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Iraq War With Lavish Falsehoods About Iraq War. When questioned, The Atlantic refused to correct a basic error about chemical weapons in Iraq.
Real Americans Support Trans Rights
Free Bird
The RIAA v. Steve Jobs
In Michigan, an agenda countering the anti-woke GOP frenzy takes shape
“Back to 1902”: Virginia Governor Revives Lifetime Ban on Voting. Glenn Youngkin ends automatic rights restoration, replacing it with an opaque system that leaves Virginia with one of the nation’s harshest policies.
These maps provide graphic evidence of how parking lots “eat” U.S. cities
If Twitter finally dies, where do we find the smart people?
NYPD’s Illegal Parking Needs to Be Curbed
A Federal Judge Just Struck Down Obamacare’s Prevention Treatments. Access to cancer screenings, HIV drugs, and prenatal services could become a lot more expensive.
New York Times Makes Glaring Error About Iraq War — Then Corrects It Incorrectly. Two decades after its catastrophic failure on Iraq, the Times still can’t get basic facts straight.
With A Lawsuit, A Black Church Aims To Bring The Proud Boys To An End

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