On Wisconsin! (and Chicago)

So last night was a good night for the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party: Brandon Johnson won his election in Chicago (Let’s Go Brandon?) and Janet Protasiewicz won her Wisconsin Supreme Court race, meaning gerrymandering and other anti-democratic measures in Wisconsin will likely be found unconstitutional.

There’s one fly in the ointment though: it seems like Republicans held their supermajority in the Senate, meaning they can impeach Protasiewicz (and for that matter, the Democratic governor). Democrats are going to have to be very smart in bringing cases to the Court, so they can overturn the anti-democracy policies first.

Of course, we could always hope that Republicans behave responsibly…STOP LAUGHING! STOP LAUGHING NOW!

If Wisconsin Republicans do impeachment Justice Protasiewicz, I don’t know how they can be stopped. I suppose if Democrats take back the (federal) House of Representatives, they could do something like refuse to seat the Wisconsin delegation on the grounds that the map is unjust–but they would never play hardball like that. So who knows what will happen.

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2 Responses to On Wisconsin! (and Chicago)

  1. general strike, that is the only way to achieve a breakthrough on guns, the environment, women’s rights, collective bargaining, healthcare, everything. The US is not ready for that, but we are getting closer.

    • Bob Michaelson says:

      From The Guardian:
      “The Wisconsin constitution authorizes the state assembly to impeach “all civil officers of this state for corrupt conduct in office, or for crimes and misdemeanor” by a majority vote. A two-thirds majority is required in the senate for a conviction.”

      By no stretch of a sane imagination is Justice Protasiewicz guilty of corrupt conduct, crimes, or misdemeanors, nor will she be. Of course Republicans have distinctly insane imaginations.

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