Links 4/5/23

Links for you. Science:

SARS-CoV-2 ORF8: A Rapidly Evolving Immune and Viral Modulator in COVID-19
DNA Confirms Oral History of Swahili People
Can COVID Lead to Diabetes? Early work suggests a connection, but experts say more investigation is needed
We Need to Get Back to the Moon
New Climate Maps Show a Transformed United States
Robotic beehive provides vital life support to chilly honeybees


If GOP wanted a safer D.C., it wouldn’t have targeted police reforms (even Biden gets this)
Merchants of Doubt
How to save America’s public transit systems from a doom spiral. Don’t let buses and subways become another casualty of the pandemic. (it’s all about the service)
How Paris Kicked Out the Cars
How Russia turned America’s helping hand to Ukraine into a vast lie (my take on the BIOLABZ! here)
Matt Gaetz’s Legislative Aide Is a Convicted War Criminal
NY Times Fires Off Warning to Staffers After Trans Coverage Brouhaha
On the Rights of the Child, Part I
How Big Tech’s predatory culture fuels failures like Silicon Valley Bank
FL university system imposes 5-year tenure review; profs, other advocates criticize the change
Need a consultant? This book argues hiring one might actually damage your institution
MTA Announces New Minimum Income Requirements To Ride Subway (lol)
Can Mastodon seize the moment from Twitter? CEO Eugen Rochko on running — and growing — a decentralized social network.
A new book-ban fiasco in Florida reveals the monster DeSantis created
‘The Billionaire Bailout’: FDIC Chair Says the Biggest Deposit Accounts at SVB Held $13 Billion
Republicans Want You to Forget Their Complicity in the Nashville Shooting. Conservatives want to make the massacre about trans people or religion—anything but the blood-soaked murder factory they’ve forced us all to live in.
Six Weeks After McPherson Square Encampment Clearing, Most Residents Still Don’t Have Homes
How Effective Altruism Power Brokers Helped Make Sam Bankman-Fried. Academic philosophers covered for Sam Bankman-Fried’s moral failings as long ago as 2018 – and reaped the rewards.
Will the IRS finally create a good free tax reporting process or will the tax preparation industry win again? A crucial test of whether the American political system can deliver administrative capacity to serve the public
Robert White Shines a Light on More Allegations of Misconduct at DCHA. But Is It Too Stubborn to Change?
Elite Impunity
Donald Trump Has Been Indicted. Don’t Get Your Hopes Up.
The Lede
This Election Could Be the Beginning of the End of Scott Walker’s Legacy in Wisconsin
D.C. housing employees accused of conflicts and voucher fraud
The Museum of Failure Celebrates Some of the World’s Biggest Flops

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