Links 3/26/23

Links for you. Science:

Robust T cell responses to Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine compared to infection and evidence of attenuated peripheral CD8+ T cell responses due to COVID-19
The worst frog disease in recorded history risks wiping them from the face of the Earth
The effects of COVID-19 on cognitive performance in a community-based cohort: A COVID Symptom Study Biobank observational study
Can the Lingering Effects of a Mild Case of COVID-19 Change Your Brain?
What Are Raccoon Dogs?
Estimation of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Effectiveness and COVID-19 Illness and Severity by Vaccination Status During Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 Sublineage Periods


Do these CT GOP state reps believe in witches? They won’t say.
Elite Accountability
The Next Hottest Rental Strategy? Market to Housing Choice Voucher Holders
Signature Bank Threw a Fundraiser for the Congressman Now Probing How It Failed
Tom Friedman Already Answered This
Covid changed parents’ view of schools — and ignited the education culture wars
Dancing on the picket lines in broken Britain
Minnesota Becomes 4th State to Provide Free School Meals to All Kids
Metro Promises ‘An Infusion Of Trains’ As Ridership Breaks Post-Pandemic Records
Covid Politics Leave a Florida Public Hospital Shaken
The Real Goal Behind the Frenzy Against ‘Wokeness’
Red States Are Fighting Their Blue Cities
Parents of patients at St. Louis transgender center fear privacy breaches, file complaints
Culture War Bullshit Stole Your Broadband
Cities like D.C. have funds to house the homeless. They need staff.
“He has a battle rifle”: Police feared Uvalde gunman’s AR-15
John Falcicchio, Bowser’s former top advisor, accused of sexual harassment
Why are so many Americans poor? Because we allow it, two books argue.
Focus on preventing crime: DC-specific data shows progress is possible
The weirder side of Lance Reddick
The Thing We All Knew Finally Proved True: Reagan-Iran Edition
How Elon Musk knocked Tesla’s ‘Full Self-Driving’ off course
They Know Exactly What They’re Doing
U.S. companies must stop enabling mass DNA collection in Tibet
Ronald Reagan’s Hostages – A Secret Exposed After 42 Years
Antisemitic tweets soared on Twitter after Musk took over, study finds

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