Links 3/25/23

Links for you. Science:

Eight-Legged Candy-Striper Killers Prowl Before the Sun Rises
Exposure to Air Pollution Linked to Risk of Long COVID in Young Adults
Words yes, actions unlikely
Pangenomes reveal genomic signatures of microbial adaptation to chronic soil warming
The First Case of Co-Infection with Omicron Subvariants BA.5.2.48 and BF.7.14 — Chongqing Municipality, China, February 2023
A 24-Armed Hunter, Threatened With Extinction, Is Set to Get Protection. Sunflower sea stars, hit by a “climate-fueled pandemic,” play a key role in keeping marine ecosystems balanced.


The Self-Appointed Covid Experts Are At It Again. The armchair Covid quarterbacks are screaming some new tunes: Masks don’t work! Covid came from a lab! Here’s why we need to be cautious about trusting them. (must-read; “…over the past three years, the same group of pundits—who are all long on elite journalistic status and very short on actual training or experience in infectious diseases—have been able to centrally shape the debates on matters of profound importance.”)
Deadly Disinformation – The Underreported Scandal at the New York Times
The Case for a Banking Public Option. Every individual and business should get the same Federal Reserve account benefits that banks enjoy.
Why Barney Frank Went to Work for Signature Bank (why does anyone let Chotnier interview them?)
The Silicon Valley Bank Bailout Didn’t Need to Happen
Journalists should be looking for undocumented APIs. Here’s how to start. (details here)
Florida Scoured Math Textbooks for ‘Prohibited Topics.’ Next Up: Social Studies.
I once admired Russell Brand. But his grim trajectory shows us where politics is heading
Florida Republican’s Bill Would Ban Young Girls From Discussing Their Periods In School
A hospital in northern Idaho intends to stop offering pregnancy care altogether because the laws have criminalized abortion care and physicians are being forced to leave the state.
One in five pupils in England were persistently absent in past school year. Covid and other illnesses main reasons for attendance drop compared with pre-pandemic, according to DfE figures
Americans Feel More Positive Than Negative About Jews, Mainline Protestants, Catholics. Most are neutral toward several groups; evangelical Christians viewed negatively, on balance, by non-evangelical Americans
Retreat in Rodanthe
A Trump Judge’s Tantrum at Stanford Law Was Part of a Bigger Plan
Senior care is crushingly expensive. Boomers aren’t ready.
The Drastic Measures D.C. Is Taking to Clean Up the New York Democratic Party’s Mess. The national party does not trust the big blue state’s leaders to keep it together.
D.C.’s unfulfilled promise of safe streets has already failed too many
Donald Trump makes Ron DeSantis so much more dangerous
D.C. leaders begin lobbying Congress against effort to block policing bill
In southern Arizona, an entire K-8 school tackles dust, COVID-19 with DIY air purifiers
After Silicon Valley Bank collapse, Washington asks: Is it to blame?
Ron DeSantis: Overrated. The pundits who are so bullish about his prospects of beating Trump are stubbornly refusing to learn the lessons of the past.
Here are this year’s Leica Women Foto Project Award winners
The GOP’s white supremacist fantasy world
Why white Christian nationalists are in such a panic
Five myths about Passover

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