The Politicians of Long COVID

This might be only time I recommend listening to former Republican senator James Inhofe (boldface mine):

At 88, Inhofe says he intends to remain involved in politics but admits to still suffering the long-term effects of COVID-19. It is the reason, he said, he left the Senate.

“Five or six others have (long COVID), but I’m the only one who admits it,” Inhofe said during a recent interview.

If Senator Snowball is correct*, then, depending on the denominator**, one to two percent of infected Congress critters have significant disability due to COVID. Some asshole with a blog has been warning of this for a while by the way.

Fortunately, most senators and congressmen don’t have that demanding a job–we’ve had dysfunctional senators and House members for decades. It’s easy to hide this. Not so easy for someone who has to punch a timeclock though.

But the pandemic is over, so I’m sure this is nothing…

*Democrat Senator Tim Kaine has said he has long COVID, though not many truly debilitating symptoms (e.g., brain fog).

**If he means only the Senate, then the percentage is much higher (and not all of them have had it–Bernie hasn’t it, in part BECAUSE HE WEARS A FUCKING MASK).

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