Links 2/26/23

Links for you. Science:

Evolution in absolute darkness: New fish species discovered in India
California storms left behind a ‘generational snowpack.’ What that means.
Cryptic lost Canaanite language decoded on ‘Rosetta Stone’-like tablets
Exceptional preservation and foot structure reveal ecological transitions and lifestyles of early theropod flyers
Sources of Airborne Norovirus in Hospital Outbreaks
Bird Flu Has Begun to Spread in Mammals—Here’s What’s Important to Know


Long Live Social Security: Chief Actuary Says Bernie Sanders’s Plan Would Keep Program Alive Another 75 Years
COVID-19 is now a leading killer of children
More than half of Republicans support Christian nationalism, according to a new survey (related post here)
Why Mississippi, a Covid Hot Spot, Left Millions in Pandemic Aid Unspent: Stop-and-go federal funding floods public health agencies with cash during crises but starves them of funds afterward. The coronavirus pandemic shows the pitfalls of that approach.
‘It’s Inhumane’: McPherson Square Homeless Encampment Cleared, Leaving Some Residents With Nowhere To Go
Armed Community Groups Are Defending Texas Drag Queens From Christian Fascists
Bowser Announces Increase In D.C. Schools Spending, But Budget Fight With D.C. Council Awaits
The Answers Issue 2023: This batch of questions included a few stumpers and a few that left us questioning our own memories of D.C.
The Ohio train derailment was bad enough. The emergency response made it worse.
Tax Docs Link Right-Wing “Parents Group” to Leonard Leo’s Dark Money Network: “Parents Defending Education” is overwhelmingly funded by big donors’ dark money rather than by “concerned parents.”
‘This is absurd’: Train cars that derailed in Ohio were labeled non-hazardous
“There Will Be More Derailments”
Bowser-Council Contracting Fight Involves At Least $113 Million in Disputed DCPS Deals
Jared Kushner’s Saudi deals may remain hidden — while Trump campaigns
The Special Counsel Investigating Trump Just Hit the Afterburners
Upper Class Inbreeding
The Conspiracy of the Ohio Train Derailment Is Right in Front of Us
Why White Students Need Black History
Chemical Desolation in Appalachia: Freight rail companies are running their trains ragged to boost profits. Sometimes they crash.
Here’s What Happens When Two Crew Members Are Operating 141 Freight Cars
New Yorkers Pay the Highest ‘Singles Tax’ in the US
It’s time to formalize ‘Gen Z’ as the ‘lockdown generation’
Krugman Thinks White House Will Use Legal Technicalities As Last Ditch Move To Avoid Default
Russia deports thousands of Ukrainian children. Investigators say that’s a war crime
‘32 Nasty:’ Rail Workers Say They Knew the Train That Derailed in East Palestine Was Dangerous

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2 Responses to Links 2/26/23

  1. hipparchia says:

    the ohio train derailment has sure been taking me down memory lane recently (“sometimes they crash” feels like something of an understatement) –

  2. Chill says:

    Wait, so now according to paleontologists there are “non-bird flyers?” Who moved the line on what is a bird and what isn’t, I wonder.

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