A Year of Mad Biologist Posts, October to December

Here are some my posts that I liked along with some that were (relatively) widely read, from October to December:

Two Questions That Need to Be Asked About COVID and Risk

Herschel Walker’s Abortion Was Not Slutty. Yours Still Is Though.

Fox News Convinced Its Viewers to Avoid Vaccination

Some Thoughts on the Fired Orgo Professor

Conferences in a Time of COVID

We Were Supposed to Be Wearing Masks Now

Mehmet Oz and the Ghost of Mel Carnahan (told ya!)

It’s Hard to Learn During A (Mismanaged) Pandemic

Elongated Muskrate Is Solving His Twitter Problems, Not Yours

Mass Transit: It’s the Contractors, Stupid

So I Hear There’s an Election or Something Today? (nailed it)

COVID, Closings, and Context

The Missing Evangelical Vote

Meanwhile, COVID Is Still Hurting the Economy

The ‘Newsweek-ifcation’ of Twitter

Still Vibing About Long COVID

Masking and Communications

My HAWT TAEK on Elon Musk’s Night of the Long Hair Plugs

The Downside of Internet Fragmentation

Professional Democrats: The People Who Reward Their Supporters by Kicking Them in the Nuts

Elongated Muskrat, I Want Smellovision

Will 2024 Be a Vaccine Election?

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