Links 1/1/23

Happy New Year! Links for you. Science:

Research gets a boost in final 2023 spending agreement
Initiation at AUGUG and GUGUG sequences can lead to translation of overlapping reading frames in E. coli
Persistent post–COVID-19 smell loss is associated with immune cell infiltration and altered gene expression in olfactory epithelium
Neutralization against BA.2.75.2, BQ.1.1, and XBB from mRNA Bivalent Booster
Evaluation of Nanopore sequencing for Mycobacterium tuberculosis drug susceptibility testing and outbreak investigation: a genomic analysis
That paper with the ‘T’ error bars was just retracted


Masks May Be Necessary Again. Here’s Why. With SARS-CoV-2, RSV, flu, and other germs circulating, experts emphasize that masks do protect you — and it’s probably a good idea to start wearing them again in certain circumstances.
White House COVID-19 Chief Downplays Mask Use in ‘Confusing’ Interview (Jha is horrible and I don’t see how he lives with himself)
Terry Hall of The Specials dies aged 63
Far right’s armed thugs unable to intimidate LGBTQ community, thanks to large crowds of defenders
They want to be able to enact a separate type of suffering
Congressman-elect George Santos lied about grandparents fleeing anti-Jewish persecution during WWII
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Better failure for social media
In the Southeast, power company money flows to news sites that attack their critics
Looming Questions for the Democrats
Conservative Jews Made a Terrible Bargain With Trump and the Right Over Israel (here, conservative refers to political orientation, not denomination)
Fever meds in short supply, hospitals overwhelmed, blood shortage, death tolls soaring among the elderly, morgues overflown with body bags –Why China has a man-made crisis after “sudden reopening”
Postal Service will electrify trucks by 2026 in climate win for Biden
Private Jet Costs, Sketchy Deductions Among Red Flags in Trump Taxes
A List of All the Things George Santos Has Lied About
Followgraph for Mastodon (seems useful!)
Zuckerberg weighed naming Cambridge Analytica as a concern in 2017, months before data leak was revealed
Porn, Piracy, Fraud: What Lurks Inside Google’s Black Box Ad Empire
Surge in remote working due to COVID fuels record employment for people with disabilities
There’s no room for COVID complacency in 2023
Our Crypto Congress
Covid Disinformation Doctor Wants to Help Elon Musk Do Medical Fact-Checks on Twitter
Why corporate customer service collapses in crisis situations
She Worked for Twitter. Then She Tweeted at Elon Musk. Sasha Solomon, a software engineer, joined others in the media business who lost their jobs this year after publicly taking on their employers.

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  1. I’ve never worked at any kind of job, in any position, where I could take on the boss, either publicly or privately & keep my job. I think it’s rather naive to think that you could. This is just how things work.

    Sometimes it’s worth it to lose the job, I’ll grant you that.

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