Professional Democrats: The People Who Reward Their Supporters by Kicking Them in the Nuts

This is unfuckingbelievable (boldface mine):

When Chief Judge Janet DiFiore abruptly resigned from New York’s highest court in July, Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul got the opportunity to reshape the bench, and to finally end the reign of the conservative majority. Hochul declared that she would seek a nominee who would transform the court into a progressive counterweight to the far-right U.S. Supreme Court.

On Thursday, however, she did the exact opposite, selecting Judge Hector LaSalle to serve as New York’s top judge. LaSalle is a former prosecutor with a conservative record against abortion, unions, and criminal defendants. If confirmed by the state Senate, he would entrench a reactionary majority that would fight tooth and nail against the priorities of New York progressives.

Right now, the state’s highest court—which is called the New York Court of Appeals—is sharply divided. DiFiore, the former chief judge, led a bloc of four conservatives that gained notoriety after invalidating Democrats’ congressional map and replacing it with a map favorable to Republicans. (This decision helped Republicans clinch their narrow majority in the House of Representatives.) When DiFiore stepped down due to an ethics scandal, she left the court split between three conservatives, two liberals, and one moderate. So the new chief judge could have either restored the court’s right-wing majority, sat at its ideological center, or led its left flank.

And Governor Hochul made the worst possible choice.

Hopefully, enough New York state senators can tank this (also, since the most powerful House and Senate Democrats are New Yorkers, maybe you could make some calls?). But it is galling–and more importantly, incredibly self-destructive–to appoint an anti-abortion judge in a Democratic controlled state. I can’t even understand the logic here: it’s like they’re trying to demotivate voters in 2024, especially younger voters. Hopefully, this can be stopped, but, once again, rank-and-file Democrats will have to save the Democratic Party from itself.

Same as it ever was.

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