Links 12/22/22

Links for you. Science:

Raina Macintyre and I wrote a letter to Annals of Internal Medicine on the very flawed N95 vs medical mask trial.
Effectiveness of Bivalent mRNA Vaccines in Preventing Symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 Infection — Increasing Community Access to Testing Program, United States, September–November 2022
Limits to adaptation on conjugative plasmids
Investigating the role of whole genome sequencing in syphilis epidemiology: an English case study
Pandoravirus: the melting Arctic is releasing ancient germs – how worried should we be?
The Ankylosaur’s Tail-Club Wasn’t Only Swinging at T. Rex


DeSantis launches a strike against lifesaving science
If You Think The Pandemic Is Over, You May Be Part Of The Problem
By Tsuchiya Koitsu, late 19th century-early 20th century
DeSantis doubles down on misinformation campaign, vows to impanel grand jury on COVID-19 vaccine
‘We don’t want to leave’: If Obergefell is overturned, LGBTQ+ people in the South will bear the brunt
Elon Musk is about to learn that liberals—not his new deplorable pals—buy Teslas
It’s Time to Indict Donald Trump
Stock Sniper Might Have Pumped and Dumped. Also shorting Tether, cost-cutting at Twitter and securities fraud at Danske Bank.
The Eternal Mystery Of A Rich Man’s Politics
Profound Failures In Judgment
Elon Musk’s Politics Are About As Complicated As Trump’s
People in Rural Areas Die at Higher Rates Than Those in Urban Areas
Born of Eugenics, Can Standardized Testing Escape Its Past?
ChatGPT Wrote a Terrible Gizmodo Article
Hundreds of incarcerated people are dying of hep C — even though we have a simple cure
How progressive can a college be when instructors make poverty wages?
What If They Work But They’re Really Annoying
How a Sprawling Hospital Chain Ignited Its Own Staffing Crisis. Ascension, one of the country’s largest health systems, spent years cutting jobs, leaving it flat-footed when the pandemic hit.
The most successful strategy for ending homelessness is under attack
What’s Wrong at the Times. Management authorized $150 million for a stock buyback this year but resists the union’s wage proposal, which would yearly come to $15 million more than the paper wants to pay.
How a small group of Democrats won the culture wars
I’m a Rail Worker, and Biden Screwed Us
Colonial-era prejudices and the root of American antisemitism
Trailside Nature Center (1939) at Burnet Woods, designed by Cincinnati Park Board architect R. Carl Freund

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