A Year of Mad Biologist Posts, January to March

Here are some my posts that I liked along with some that were (relatively) widely read, from January to March:

Do Biden and Fauci Plan on Getting Omicron Themselves? (apparently, yes)

D.C. Statehood Isn’t Just about Two More Senators

D.C. Should Send a Box of Tests Home with Each Student Every Friday (should still be doing this…)

Long COVID and Missing Workers (been beating this drum for a while now…)

Those Who Complain the Loudest Are Affected the Least

The Fierce Urgency of Not Right Now, Maybe Wait a Few Weeks

The Off-Rampers Need to Get Specific, or Else Just Shut Up

COVID-19 as a Society-Level Chronic Disease, and the Needless Loss of Hope

So It’s About Feelings

Congress Finally Fixes Its Own USPS F*ck Up: A Comment on Meaningless Absurdity

Long COVID and a Massive Failure of Journalism (to the best of my knowledge, no journalist has asked the Biden administration these questions. Fucking incomptents.)

Finally, the Crime Report We Need: The ‘Natural History’ of Homicide (given all the kerfuffle regarding ‘crime’, this is important)

Some Thoughts on the CDC’s New COVID Indicators

Our COVID Response Might Have Been Outsourced to Democratic Pollsters

COVID Response as a Failure of the Two-Party Duopoly

The Moderate Democratic Con: Always Be Blaming the Nefarious Left

The Other COVID Statistic We Still Need (waste water data aren’t enough)

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