Those Who Complain the Loudest Are Affected the Least

This is, of course, a post about COVID-related mandates and the people who are ‘done with COVID’. What I find odd, as a resident of the colonial territory of the District of Columbia, where we have both vaccine mandates for many establishments (gyms, restaurants, etc.) and indoor masking mandates, which aren’t really that onerous*, is that they seem to be popular here. Not that we wouldn’t prefer to be rid of them, but there is the general recognition that they’re needed for now, especially since [gestures wildly at everything].

Meanwhile, in places that lack meaningful mandates of any kind, people seem bent out of shape over mandates that they don’t have to experience. But we’re doing fine, thanks for the concern!

*In D.C., masks don’t have to be worn while eating or drinking (for hopefully obvious reasons), which probably means the limited mask wearing isn’t doing very much, but, at the same time, it’s not very burdensome either.

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