The Fierce Urgency of Not Right Now, Maybe Wait a Few Weeks

As the wave of ‘get back to normal’ op-ed pieces rises (there’s some pandemic meta-imagery for you), one truly bizarre thing–among several, including the belief that masking won’t ever be rolled back–is the lack of appreciation of timing.

The authors certainly know that publishing those pieces right now implies the dangers, such as high prevalence* and hospital overcrowding, are gone, when they are still ongoing. Why not wait a few more weeks? Even if some of them aren’t channeling their Inner Substack Boi or New York Times Data D00d–and especially if they don’t mean to–they need to realize The Discourse™ is not subtle, and their arguments will be construed as arguing for rollbacks right now.

Happy thoughts won’t stop the spread of a virus any more than they can substitute for insulin for a type I diabetic: you actually have to do the necessary things, Bari Weiss’ bleatings not withstanding. Discussing off-ramps, particularly in vague, non-specific ways, as if they’re upon us right now isn’t helping.

Because this cycle is getting really old (credit to Cheryl Rofer for finding this):


*Yes, the prevalence in some places is dropping, but it’s still high in absolute terms, even among the vaccinated, and that’s what matters in terms of immediate risk of infection.

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6 Responses to The Fierce Urgency of Not Right Now, Maybe Wait a Few Weeks

  1. johnkrehbiel says:

    Or, as I have said many, many times, you don’t go back into a burning building just bacause it’s not quite as on fire as it was yesterday.

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