Links 1/31/22

Links for you. Science:

Saving the manatees — rescue by rescue, rehab by rehab
The kids are not alright: Data suggests 10% of children with COVID-19 become “long-haulers” (as I’ve been saying, it probably won’t be this high, but one percent is still really bad. No one says, ‘polio is just a stomach bug.’)
Occupation and risk of severe COVID-19: prospective cohort study of 120 075 UK Biobank participants
Yellow stingray (Urobatis jamaicensis)
A Vaccine to Prevent All Covid Is Within Reach. Here’s How to Grab It. (also need intranasal administration)
What Happens If a Space Elevator Breaks


January 6 Showed Why D.C. Deserves Statehood When I think of January 6, I remember the overwhelming helplessness — a familiar feeling to residents of the capital.
Omicron, false dichotomies, and the ‘new normal’ (very good)
Revisiting masks: Here’s how different face coverings perform against COVID-19 (wouldn’t take the numbers too seriously, but useful roundup)
What America Lost by Delaying the Vaccine Rollout. In September 2020, regulators asked for extra safety data on the new mRNA vaccines. The human cost of that request is far from clear.
Democrats’ voting rights push in Congress is over. The fight for democracy isn’t.
Omicron Is Making America’s Bad Jobs Even Worse (good, but like many pieces, ignores long COVID)
Worker shortages, flight delays contributing to slow delivery of rapid tests
Judge Issues Stinging Free Speech Ruling Against University of Florida
Before ‘Fixing’ Election Results, There Was ‘Fixing’ Census Results
Why Pay Less? The US Strategy for Vaccinating the World
FEMA Experiences ‘Mass Exit’ of Employees Amid Surge in Disasters
I’m a Longtime Union Organizer. But I Had Never Seen Anything Like This.
Europe rolled out 5G without hurting aviation. Here’s how
It’s staff, not stuff: Applying crisis standards of care to allocating health care workers (de facto death panels)
It’s Foolish to Predict the Midterms Until We Know Covid’s Future
Purple Line will open 4½ years late and cost $1.4 billion more to complete, state says
This COVID-afflicted retired firefighter went out with a hell of a plot twist
Seven school boards sue to stop Gov. Youngkin’s mask-optional order on the day it takes effect (no difference between the two parties something something)
Same Playbook For Decades
‘The CDC alone can’t fix this’: Walensky calls for overhaul of U.S. public health system
Biden has failed to defeat covid-19 as promised. Here’s how he must shift his strategy.
The Excluded Perspective

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