Links 12/27/22

Links for you. Science:

The Butterfly Effect
Prophages and plasmids display opposite trends in the types of accessory genes they carry
50 Years After the Apollo 17 Mission, the Moon Looks Closer Than Ever
Prevalence of post-COVID Condition 12 Weeks after Omicron Infection Compared to Negative Controls and Association with Vaccination Status (small sample sizes don’t rule out a 1-2% frequency of severe symptoms–I’ve never been in the camp that vaccinated people will have 5-10% long COVID rates)
The UK Is Enduring an Onslaught of Scarlet Fever. Is the US Next?
Disruption in seasonality, patient characteristics and disparities of respiratory syncytial virus infection among young children in the US during and before the COVID-19 pandemic: 2010-2022


When it comes to COVID, RSV, flu, ‘scientific humility and rigor’ are what’s needed — not antagonism (two different letters, both are excellent)
Military Budget Angst
2023 and Me
City Winery To Close Ivy City Location In New Year
How an obscure Christian right activist became one of the most powerful men in America
Neoliberalism’s Impact on Social Movements
Hard, not easy
D.C. officials offer tax relief to turn downtown offices into housing
Lock’em Up!
Bethesda Community Sees Rise In Antisemitic Vandalism, Most Recently At A High School
Woman charged in Lazzaro sex trafficking ring pleads guilty (always self-projection…)
Justice Is Coming for Donald Trump. Every effort to hold Donald Trump accountable has been thwarted by those who made it someone else’s job. Not anymore.
The Jan. 6 Committee Just Made History. Here’s What That Means for Prosecutors.
A World Cup Of Blood And Gold
Proud Boys Abruptly Shifted Focus to Anti-LGBTQ Action in 2022
A New Lifeline for the Unseen: Homeless College Students
Two Men Running a Ghost Kitchen in Northwest Portland Advertise 76 Distinct “Restaurants” on Food Delivery Apps
We should take a bus to someplace new: Terry Hall — RIP
Measuring exposure to misinformation from political elites on Twitter
The Twitter dumpster fire, explained
The war on ‘Happy Holidays’ isn’t about Christmas
Meet the Florida English teacher trying to ban 150 books from school libraries
Red-Pilled Elon Musk Still Loves the Chinese Communist Party: The Twitter owner may hate the left now, but he does admire Leninism.
DOJ Lawyers Are Cowards if They Don’t Indict Trump. The January 6 committee gave Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice more than enough to charge Donald Trump.

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