Links 12/16/22

Links for you. Science:

Before Beer Became Lager, a Microbe Made a Mysterious Journey. Scientists found a relative of a parent of lager yeast in soil on an Irish university’s campus, which could help to track how it ended up in Bavaria.
A Covid-19 Milestone Attained — A Correlate of Protection for Vaccines
Anthony Fauci: A Message to the Next Generation of Scientists
NIH plans grant-review overhaul to reduce bias (more details here)
A simple suggestion for our friends at CSR
Oldest Known DNA Offers Glimpse of a Once-Lush Arctic. In Greenland’s permafrost, scientists discovered two-million-year-old genetic material from scores of plant and animal species, including mastodons, geese, lemmings and ants. (paper here)


We Found the Guys Behind the Hunter Biden Porn That Elon Musk Won’t Shut Up About. This is not a First Amendment thing. (Bannon et alia were ratfucking)
Hell is tiny lights in a hotel room. Is there anything worse than little red beams shining in your cornea when you’re trying to sleep?
Masking could fight the ‘tripledemic’, experts say. Will anyone listen?
Free buses are a money saver. Riders say they’re still too slow.
Files and tribulations
Doors opening: Recalling a 1990s board game about Metrorail
If Merrick Garland Had the Courage of His Convictions… Donald Trump would already be on his way to prison.
What to know before bringing a dog home to an apartment
Trumpism Was Born in the ’90s. Clintonian centrism allowed the radical right to incubate.
A classic Venetian artist gets his big moment at the National Gallery
Kyrsten Sinema Is Right. This Is Who She’s Always Been.
Bad news! Nothing about Kyrsten Sinema will change.
How big are the profit margins in fashion?
Flu and R.S.V. Hit the Holidays, Heightening Demand for Antibiotics and Antivirals
Paper tiger: Massachusetts has a reputation for tough gun laws, but enforcement is another story. A Globe investigation finds more than half of local police departments surveyed never inspect gun shops as required by law
He Says His Landlord Is Harassing Him to Leave a $450-a-Month Apartment. A 77-year-old man has lived in the same building for years. He says in a lawsuit that a neighbor and his landlord are jointly using dubious tactics to push him out.
D.C. lawmakers pitch a plan for ‘Green New Deal for Housing’
Democrats Rediscover Populism—and Not a Moment Too Soon
“Died Suddenly”: Resurrecting the old antivax lie of depopulation
Sen. Gillibrand Hires Former Crypto Lawyer
The Railway Labor Fight Is an Object Lesson in Democratic Party Hypocrisy
Before He Takes On ‘Woke Capitalism,’ Ron DeSantis Should Read His Karl Marx

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