Links 11/13/22

Links for you. Science:

Bivalent booster is 4x better against BA.5 in older adults, Pfizer says
Higher COVID-19 Vaccination And Narrower Disparities In US Cities With Paid Sick Leave Compared To Those Without
Science Has a Nasty Photoshopping Problem
Getting COVID more than once might be even worse than we thought
Measles outbreak erupts among unvaccinated children in Ohio daycare
How Does The Aye-Aye’s Finger Go So Deep Inside Their Nose?


In New York, Sean Patrick Maloney’s Out. Good. The Republican congressional encroachment may be bad news, but the DCCC chairman’s defeat was well-deserved.
Silver Line’s second phase was to be different. It fell into the same trap.
New rules for a new game
Judge fines Trump lawyers in Clinton case thrown out in September
Satmar Rebbe: Trumpism has infiltrated Judaism, twisted many minds
Artists at Humphreys Street Studios secure their space
‘What if Yale finds out?’ Suicidal students are pressured to withdraw from Yale, then have to apply to get back into the university
The GOP Has A Problem And It’s Not Just Donald Trump
Here’s how we can stop changing the clocks once and for all
Colorado Voters Pass Universal Free Lunch For Students
‘They just didn’t care’: Why more business leaders didn’t fight the ‘millionaires tax’
The GOP Predicted Fearmongering On Crime Would Lead To A ‘Red Wave.’ It Didn’t Work.
360-square-foot house on Nantucket hits the market, for just over $2 million
It’s time to raise the voting age!
Conservatives Don’t Actually Have an Argument for Killing Affirmative Action
44 indelible images from more than a century of Boston Globe photography
Politicians probably don’t need your money
The dangerous myths of emergency department overcrowding
Let’s put the myth of the billionaire genius to rest
What Democrats Can Learn From John Fetterman’s “Every County, Every Vote” Victory
Boston City Council to Walgreens: Reopen shuttered stores, or don’t open any more
How my aunt’s village is celebrating liberation from the Russians
The GOP’s Bid to Claim a Rigged House Majority. Voters repudiated the GOP congressional agenda. Court-sanctioned gerrymanders made sure it didn’t matter.
It Was All a Game for Sam Bankman-Fried

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