Links 11/4/22

Links for you. Science:

ProPublica and Vanity Fair are pushing the COVID lab-leak theory, but their exposé is a train wreck
COVID-19 Vaccination and Racial/Ethnic Inequities in Mortality at Midlife in Minnesota
We’re Giving Up on the (Frog) Pandemic: We can barely control a deadly disease affecting humans all around the world. What about the one that’s killing amphibians?
For those of you that have asked me why I am convinced that cryptic [COVID] lineages are coming from people, I can finally point to a pre-print (pre-print here)
mRNA bivalent booster enhances neutralization against BA.2.75.2 and BQ.1.1
Reinfections with Different SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Subvariants, France


“Amnesty” according to Emily Oster: “Admit you were wrong!” Economist turned COVID-19 contrarian Emily Oster recently published an article in The Atlantic about offering amnesty and forgiveness over the pandemic. Shorter Oster: “Admit you were wrong!”
Here’s what Paul Pelosi has in common with litter boxes
Local Parents Struggle To Navigate The RSV Surge As D.C.- Area Children’s Hospitals Near Capacity
“Originalism Is Intellectually Indefensible”: Eric Foner on the Enduring Myth of the Colorblind Constitution
Weirdly, Taylor Swift Is Extremely Close to Creating a True Metaverse
The Politics of Ressentiment
Capitol Police cameras caught break-in at Pelosi home, but no one was watching
Page Three, 2022
The Largest Renovation In The Hirshhorn’s History Could Close The Museum For Two Years
The Craziest House Race of 2022. In Orange County, California, Republican Michelle Steel is painting her opponent as a tool of China with unhinged red-baiting attacks.
Reinventing The Bus
Why Can’t Jonathan Chait Tell the Truth About 2020?
Victim Of The Forces Of Woke
Turkeys will cost more because 6 million of them died during bird flu outbreak
James Bennet and the rewriting of 2020
DC ends fiscal year with hundreds of vouchers left
Musk’s Trump-style management rattles Twitter workers awaiting layoffs (the only professional advice I ever give unabashedly is ‘never work for assholes’)
Send in the Clowns: The lying about Tom Cotton’s “Black Lives Matter” op-ed continues: Jonathan Chait enters the chat
Are the Libs Really Leaving? Twitter would have to become functionally worse, and something else would have to be obviously better.
Supreme Court Allows TSA To Issue Mask Mandates
The ugly story of how corporate America convinced us to spend so much on water
When Your Neighbor Turns You In
At-Large Councilmember Elissa Silverman Appeals Campaign Finance Ruling, Hearing Set For Friday
The Hidden Cause of Economy-Wide Inflation?

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  1. My tap water tastes like chlorine. It’s not a nice taste. I use a Brita pitcher & it’s no problem to change the filter every three months. I also buy cases of bottled water because the meds I’m on for my bipolar disorder make me wicked thirsty & I take a bottle of water everywhere I go. I have a bottle of water next to my bed so I can grab a mouthful of water whenever I wake up. I used to use a glass but my cat Radar would push it off the nightstand so a bottle works better. I drink LOTS of water, I always have.

    Because I live in NY state, there’s a 5 cent deposit on water bottles, so I keep them & take them back for the cash redemption. I usually take back four garbage bags full at a time, which is $8.

    I don’t think it’s some kind of conspiracy to make Americans buy bottled water. A lot of us live in cities & towns where the water tastes less than nice. Or we live in cities where the pipes are made of lead. So it’s in our best interests to do something about the water we put into our bodies & the bodies of our children.

    I pay a water bill every quarter, so I have a leg in this argument.

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