Links 11/3/22

Links for you. Science:

The role of schools in driving SARS-CoV-2 transmission: Not just an open-and-shut case (seems relevant, given Oster’s call for Truth and Reconciliation)
Fall bivalent boosters: Science update round 2
‘Added protection behind the masks’: Duke scientists develop nasal, throat spray to battle COVID-19
U.S. CDC director experiences COVID rebound after taking Pfizer’s Paxlovid
New PhageClouds database makes genomic comparisons efficient
Prevalence and Correlates of Long COVID Symptoms Among US Adults


Elections aren’t only about ‘the economy, stupid’ — and never were
Who Are the Real Antisemites? The actual hatred and the actual threat festers on the right.
Paul Pelosi Almost Died, and Most Republicans Don’t Have a Big Problem With That
Paul Pelosi attacker was re-running J6: David DePape planned to kidnap and interrogate Speaker Nancy Pelosi to put Congress on notice. That’s the classic logic of terrorism.
The Worst Pediatric-Care Crisis in Decades: “This is our 2020.”
I’m No Longer Sure New York Will Protect Itself From Rising Waters
If a Red Wave Hits New York, Blame Andrew Cuomo. The former governor stacked New York’s highest court with conservatives who hijacked the state’s redistricting process.
“What happens when you put ideologues in charge of a university”
Why I Keep Coming Back to Reconstruction
Here’s How Much Money You’ve Lost If You Took Matt Damon’s Crypto Advice One Year Ago
Caravans Of Doom
‘I was a slave’: Up to 100,000 held captive by Chinese cybercriminals in Cambodia
A Little Bit Stupid
What Lula’s stunning victory means for the imperiled Amazon rainforest
The Modal elite Republican is much less committed to democratic values than Jair Bolsonaro
You Don’t Have To Hand It To Him
The Untold Story of ‘Russiagate’ and the Road to War in Ukraine
Elon Musk’s Disastrous Weekend on Twitter. Things are only going to get worse
“We” Don’t Have a Political Violence Problem. Republicans Do.
Inside the Biden team’s fixation on gas prices
Wisconsin Republicans Humbly Suggest They Should Win Every Election, Regardless of How People Vote
This Is Your Brain on Juiced-Up Right-Wing 1776 Revolutionary Cosplay

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