Moderate/Centrist Democrats Got Played by the Rich

Wealthy and rich centrist Democrats’ just can’t seem to fund Democratic candidates in general elections, even when their primary candidate won the primary. I could see taking your ball and going home if your candidate didn’t win the primary (so much for unity), but they’re even leaving the candidates they favored high and dry. Alex Sammon (boldface mine):

The burden has fallen to progressive groups to pick up the slack. The grassroots organizer Indivisible just launched a new program explicitly aimed towards maintaining the House majority. They’ve pledged resources towards electing a number of candidates that are far from “progressive” by reputation, including New Jersey moderate Tom Malinowski, a Democratic member of the Problem Solvers caucus who routinely opposes progressive priorities. Other progressive groups have similarly thrown in for non-progressive candidates, hoping to keep the narrow House majority intact.

All these groups who spent huge money in the primaries are declining to show up,” Leah Greenberg, executive director of Indivisible, told me. “Progressives are scraping together all the money and volunteers we can for everyone, to keep the majority.”

Moderate Democrats, especially those in House leadership, have long criticized progressive groups for spending their resources on primaries and not helping the party maintain its majority. In an ironic twist, it is now generously-funded moderate groups that have abandoned the party in its fight to hold a majority, and defend its own, more moderate front-line candidates. It’s worth adding that the party is led by moderates, and those leadership positions have been awarded in part because of those moderates’ perceived ability to bring in money.

It’s almost like the hedge-fund douchebags care more about money than the future of democracy.

Shocking, I know.

But what’s truly pathetic is how the moderates got played. They didn’t see this coming (so, by all means, appoint them to leadership positions, amirite?).

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  1. John says:

    My response to the moderates is, “Nyeah-nyeah.” The funders are saboteurs.

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