Links 10/21/22

Links for you. Science:

New Study Explains Why Some People Attract Mosquitoes More Than Others
Not Just a Big Fish, but Perhaps the Biggest Bony Fish Ever
Eat or be eaten? An observation of Podarcis erhardii consuming Scolopendra cingulata from Andros Island, Cyclades, Greece
‘This is real’: Alberta doctors warn long COVID is not a trivial risk
Long-term symptoms in Canadian adults who tested positive for COVID-19 or suspected an infection, January 2020 to August 2022
Seasonality of Common Human Coronaviruses, United States, 2014–2021


It’s Gotten Awkward to Wear a Mask
The Way Team Trump Bent the CDC and Ignored COVID Science Will Make You Sick
Car Seat Headrest Cancels Upcoming Tour Dates Because Of Ongoing Post-COVID Health Issues
The Sorting Hat And Fascism
How the Diploma Divide Is Remaking American Politics: Education is at the heart of this country’s many divisions.
Price Spiral
How Corporations “Get Away With Murder” to Inflate Prices on Rent, Food, and Electricity
Conservative Morality
A Very Mercenary Afterlife Awaits America’s Top Brass, If Human Rights Abuses Aren’t a Dealbreaker
Multiple Children’s Hospitals Are At Or Near Capacity Across D.C., Maryland, and Virginia
The Death Eaters: Covid in the Liberal Imagination
Furrygate: A Litterbox of Lies. A friend’s wife’s CrossFit trainer’s mom saw a post on a Facebook group about kids identifying as cats and using litterboxes at school.

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2 Responses to Links 10/21/22

  1. hipparchia says:

    ha! it appears that furrygate is maybe 99 and 44/100s percent true, just not in the way joe rogan and tulsi gabbard would have it —

  2. I don’t know why anyone would believe anything they saw posted on Facebook.

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