Links for you. Science:

The data is clear: long Covid is devastating people’s lives and livelihoods
‘We are in trouble’: Study raises alarm about impacts of long covid
The Second Great Dying: The Earth has lost 4/5s of Fresh Water and 7/10s of Wildlife Species’ Populations in 50 Years (different take here)
Where are we with the hygiene hypothesis?
COVID-19 Rapid Tests Can Breed Confusion – Here’s How To Make Sense of the Results and What To Do, According to 3 Testing Experts
That Florida “analysis” on COVID vaccines is—you guessed it—total garbage


A Majority of Voters Back COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Measures to Protect High-Risk Americans
Rent Going Up? One Company’s Algorithm Could Be Why.
Tragic fallout from the politicisation of science in the US
The Alex Jones Verdict Exposed an Important Legal Truth
Everything Republicans Are Mad About Is Entirely Imaginary
The Rent Revolution Is Coming
The winter Covid surge is coming
Doctors Say They’re ‘Muzzled’ From Sharing Horrific Post-Roe Abortion Stories
A Troll New World
They Want Your Child! How right-wing school panics seek to repeal modernity and progress
The best thing you can do to quash a deadly Covid-19 surge this winter (and wear a mask)
A Lost Manuscript Shows the Fire Barack Obama Couldn’t Reveal on the Campaign Trail
Trump’s Latest Revenge Fantasy: Purge the National Archives
Former Nevada ‘sundown town’ stands by siren amid reckoning
New NBER study confirms pretty much everything I (& others) have been saying for the past year & a half
How World War II Looked to African Americans
Mastriano’s Attacks on Jewish School Set Off Outcry Over Antisemitic Signaling
How Finland Put Traffic Crashes on Ice
The new abortion rights spokesmen: Dudes, dads, and plumbers
Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt Discovers That Being An A-hole Can Be Bad For Your Electoral Prospects

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