Links 10/18/22

Links for you. Science:

Remember, do no harm?
COVID has splintered into multiple variants dominating different countries at the same time. Experts say these are some scenarios could play out
SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant emerged under immune selection
How juvenile white sharks in search of warmer waters disrupt life off the California coast
Rabbit virus is a warning about viruses becoming more deadly
Wildfire Smoke May Carry Deadly Fungi Long Distances


Hippie Shit
Tommy Tuberville is racist. We knew that. How many other college coaches are like him?
Giant roadside Cheeto attracts a crowd in Canada
Kanye Shows Where the Right’s Troll Politics Lead
So who’s ‘naive’ about Saudi Arabia, now?
Ungrateful Jews will be sorry during second Trump presidency
We Should Try to Prevent Another Alex Jones
Leaders of democracies increasingly echo Putin in authoritarian tilt
Kanye West Doubles Down on Antisemitic Tropes, Rejects Invitation to Holocaust Museum
The Guggenheim’s Scapegoat: A museum curator was forced out of her job over allegations of racism that an investigation deemed unfounded. What did her defenestration accomplish?
White Supremacists Are Doing Backflips Over Kanye West’s Antisemitism
State abortion bans are preventing cancer patients from getting chemotherapy
Child Incest Victim Denied Abortion in Florida
Trump Worried That If He Didn’t Steal The Election, Then ‘People Would Know’ He Lost It
A thread on crabs, corruption, & collapse
Anger as DeSantis eases voting rules in Republican areas hit by hurricane
“Quiet Quitting”
DC elected officials claim to care about poor people, but the HUD report says otherwise

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