Links 10/16/22

Links for you. Science:

Scientists pan analysis Florida’s surgeon general posted on COVID-19 vaccines
Can Start-Ups Significantly Lower the Cost of Gene Sequencing?
There’s a spike in respiratory illness among children — and it’s not just COVID
How a Chinese fossil discovery rewrites the history of life on Earth
Wild Birds in North America Are Dying Like Never Before
NASA Intern Found Hope in the Moon


For Black Angelenos, recording stokes anger, fears of losing hard-fought gains
Tensions simmer as Metro ridership grows during train shortage
I’m a lifelong Republican but sometimes party loyalty asks too much. I’m voting for Mandela Barnes and Tony Evers.
Look at Pelosi. Tell me again: How are women too emotional for politics?
As Big Money Flows into the At-Large Race, Candidates Spar Over Who’s ‘Bought and Paid For’
The January 6 Hearings Changed My Mind
Alex Jones Picked on the Wrong People
The voting machine hacking threat you probably haven’t heard about
Well What Are You Going To Do About It
The real Kanye West scandal everyone is missing
Fla. to strip licenses of K-3 teachers who discuss gender identity, sexuality
How the right built up Alex Jones — even long after his Sandy Hook comments
HUD report on D.C. public housing should outrage and embarrass residents
The Clean Water Act Is One of Our Greatest Laws—and the Supreme Court’s Extremists Might Kill It
Bowser Fights Budget Transparency. No One Is Surprised.
As Fallout Over D.C. Housing Authority Audit Continues, New Bill Would Impose Quick Reforms
‘It’s Fight Or Flight Out Here:’ What It’s Like To Be An Unhoused Woman In D.C.
D.C. Council Could Extend COVID Vaccine Mandate Deadline For Students
Right-wing media is reaching in ever more bizarre ways to stoke fear and disgust in its viewers
GOP secretary of state nominees will appear at event with Lara Logan, who pushes antisemitic conspiracy theories

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