Links 10/13/22

Links for you. Science:

The Era of Fast, Cheap Genome Sequencing Is Here
Medium COVID Could Be the Most Dangerous COVID
Strategies for using antigen rapid diagnostic tests to reduce transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in low- and middle-income countries: a mathematical modelling study applied to Zambia
Clinical, Virologic, and Immunologic Evaluation of Symptomatic Coronavirus Disease 2019 Rebound Following Nirmatrelvir/Ritonavir Treatment
Inside the war against Southern California’s urban coyotes. ‘Horrific’ or misunderstood?
The effect of Omicron breakthrough infection and extended BNT162b2 booster dosing on neutralization breadth against SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern


America’s most effective fascism enforcers are bored boomers, not youthful brawlers
This Is What Happens When Election Deniers Let Their Freak Flag Fly
The Dangers of a MAGA Wave Election
The exploitive anti-Blackness of Kanye West
“Election Interference”: Oil Price Hike Is Saudi Arabia’s October Surprise Against Biden
Biden Proposal Could Lead to Employee Status for Gig Workers
Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Deft Legal Reasoning Collides With Political Reality
Don’t pitch those masks! New COVID surge in U.K. shows what’s waiting for us this fall
D.C.’s Monkeypox Clinics Are Merging With COVID Centers
Biden officials to keep private the names of hospitals where patients contracted Covid
‘Liz Truss hasn’t understood a word I wrote’, says PM’s favourite author
Death Cons 1 through 10: A definitive guide to a new anti-Semitic terminology!
Media corruption at the “paper of record”
In leaked recording, Nury Martinez makes crude comments about Jews and Armenians (seems bigoted against everyone…)
Why Marjorie Taylor Greene is raging about the Biden ‘regime’
Report Details ‘Systemic’ Abuse of Players in Women’s Soccer
Your $100,000 Down Payment Is Now Worth $80,000 Interest hikes mean buyers can’t afford the same house they could a few months ago.
How one higher education conference prioritized pandemic safety
What Kanye Can Teach Us About Anti-Semitism. The serious consequences of an unserious story
Republicans Plan Debt Crisis to Force Cuts to Medicare, Social Security: They do this every time.
Now Trump is openly challenging the feds to indict him: Just say yes, DOJ. In recent rallies, Trump admits to stealing documents, but insists it’s not a crime. It’s time to shut him up
Media paints Fetterman’s closed captioning as bigger campaign issue than Oz’s abortion ban evasions
Tuberville’s racially charged remarks should be condemned

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