A Few Thoughts on Yesterday’s Jan. 6 Hearings

In no particular order:

  1. It’s absolutely clear Jan. 6 was not a spontaneous riot, but a planned, coordinated event.
  2. Trump knew what was happening and did nothing to prevent it
  3. I’ve criticized Speaker Pelosi often, but she, unlike many people that day, kept her shit together.
  4. Our internal security services are compromised. Unfortunately, if true to form, the Democratic response will be to say nice things about them and hope they behave better.
  5. The footage released yesterday makes it clear just how gormless professional Republicans are. If someone left me to die, I would do everything in my power to fuck them over. Forever.
  6. By the same token, the inability of most Democrats to express their rage at what happened since that day is mind boggling. They left you to be killed. Get angry. Though, in fairness, this might be a reason why, at least in the House, we read articles about how Republicans and Democrats just aren’t getting along at all. Gee, wonder why?
  7. I’m glad they subpoenaed Trump, but he won’t honor it. At some point, having yet another ‘sick burn’ is more demoralizing than helpful. There must be consequences for the high-level perpetrators and it’s unlikely there ever will be.
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2 Responses to A Few Thoughts on Yesterday’s Jan. 6 Hearings

  1. adameran says:

    “Consequences for high-level perpetrators”…hahahah! You’re kidding, right? After all, Obama did not prosecute the war crimes of Bush / Cheney, nor did he go after Wall St. criminals who perpetrated what’s arguably the largest theft in human history (the subprime/derivatives meltdown). Going after Trump for a “riot” would be orders of magnitude less difficult, and Obama has already shown us the way of supine doormat-ism.

  2. Bill Seymour says:

    Re the subpoena, I heard one speculation on TV news that he’ll testify because he can’t resist talking about himself. I hope he does…I’ll bring the popcorn.

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