Links 10/14/22

Links for you. Science:

‘Extinct’ wood-feeding cockroach rediscovered on Lord Howe Island
Improved control of SARS-CoV-2 by treatment with nucleocapsid-specific monoclonal antibody
Yes, your dog really can sniff that you’re upset
Nirmatrelvir–Ritonavir and Viral Load Rebound in Covid-19
Experts slam Florida surgeon general’s warning on coronavirus vaccines
Hibernating fat bears are complex. They may hold lessons for human health.


We compared Fox’s coverage of their Kanye West interview with new footage of what was actually happening in the interview
Biden says Supreme Court is ‘more an advocacy group’ than an ‘even handed’ court
Ben Sasse is an affirmative action hire if there ever was one (though I don’t have a problem with affirmative action…)
A judge’s attack on Yale explains the right’s ‘cancel culture’ ruse
The Kanye West Tucker Carlson didn’t want his audience to see
The Bodies in the Cave. Native people have lived in the Big Bend region for thousands of years. Who should claim their remains?
How a Chinese American Gangster Transformed Money Laundering for Drug Cartels
Do You Even Office, Bro
How Do Challengers Karim Marshall and Graham McLaughlin Fit Into the At-Large Race?
How to Make a Semi-Fascist Party: The hostile, paranoid, and increasingly authoritarian path ahead for American conservatism.
How Dr. Oz Boosted an Osteopath Who Became a Top Spreader of Covid Misinformation
I made $200,000 last year ghostwriting tweets for superstar VCs. It takes me 5 hours a week. Here’s how I found my clients and built a booming side hustle from scratch.
Tweets From 2021
Ben Sasse Is Nothing if Not Thoughtful. Right?
Immortal Rich Boomers
When the MAGA narrative meets a legal system that requires sworn testimony and recognizes perjury as a crime.
A Revealing Racist Rant in L.A.
Misinformation Swirls in Non-English Languages Ahead of Midterms
The Gangster Socialists of the Red State Beaches. Insurance may suck, but it doesn’t lie.
Animated Googly Eyes Could Make Autonomous Cars Safer For Pedestrians (not really, but fun story)
You Can Hand Out Condoms on This Campus — Just Not If They’re to Prevent Pregnancy: The University of Idaho is twisting itself in knots over new rules imposed by anti-abortion extremists in the state legislature
L.A. needs a new generation of Latino leaders
Republicans have found the 2022 version of ‘death panels’ (not sure this will work)

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