Links 8/4/22

Links for you. Science:

2022 Monkeypox Outbreak: Global Trends
A reinfection red flag
Cefiderocol: Systematic Review of Mechanisms of Resistance, Heteroresistance and In Vivo Emergence of Resistance
‘We are bearing witness’: Health researchers navigate a post-Roe world
Let Me Stick My Hand Inside The Mysterious Holes On The Seafloor
There’s a shortage of monkeypox vaccine. Could one dose instead of two suffice?


How the states went nuts: Democratic backsliding in state capitals — and how to defeat it. Political scientist Jacob Grumbach on his new book and how U.S. states became “Laboratories Against Democracy”
Holding presidents accountable for their crimes is what democracies do
Where Justice Alito and Rep. Greene overlap on religious liberty
Did Joe Manchin Actually Do a Good Thing? The new legislation is a huge step forward for climate action—but Manchin is also making sure he helps out the fossil fuel industry.
To Win in November, Democrats Should Pass Medicare Reforms
It’s official: The attack on McMorrow backfired. The Michigan Republican lawmaker who accused Mallory McMorrow of being a “groomer” netted $235 afterward. McMorrow took in $1 million. (Republicans will only stop behaving badly when Democrats make it costly to do so)
Rep. Haley Stevens Isn’t Paying Her Campaign Interns. Despite her campaign raising millions, one intern got a single Starbucks card.
Chess robot breaks seven-year-old boy’s finger during Moscow Open
Nearly half of Oregon’s inmate population included in first class action suit of its kind. The case accuses the state Department of Corrections of negligence in failing to protect them from Covid
Viktor Orbán sparks outrage with attack on ‘race mixing’ in Europe. Hungary’s far-right prime minister says countries where races mingle are ‘no longer nations’ (the last paragraph provides much needed context)
The two-week scramble that saved Democrats’ climate agenda
After Dobbs, Republicans Offer Few Ideas for Increasing Support for Children and Families
How Joe Manchin’s change of heart could revive the U.S. solar industry
They Don’t Know Us. But They Hate Us.
Hungary’s racist strongman, and the Americans who love him
Easy Money: How Counties Are Funneling Covid Relief Funds Into New Jails
Gunmaker’s Super Bowl stunt sheds light on marketing of ‘America’s rifle’
Missouri Senate Hopeful Lucas Kunce Battles Big Money in Both Parties
Conservatives skeptical of coronavirus vaccines battle to lead a hospital
Democrats Can’t Leave Pro-Choice Votes on the Table
Eli Evans, ‘poet laureate’ of the Jews of the South, dies at 85
10 Years On, London’s Olympic Legacy Is in Shambles
The god of São Félix. He’s been called a deforester and killer. Now he’s called mayor.

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