Who Rides and Dies with Biden?

We’re still seeing pieces and commentary about how Biden shouldn’t run for a second term. My HAWT TAEK is that whoever is most likely to win should be the nominee, and it remains to be seen if that’s Biden, but that’s not what this post is about.

What I’ve never figured out is who are the Biden fanatics. Sanders has the Berners, Warren her persisters, Harris the K-Hive. Even Buttigieg has fanatics! But I never got the sense during the campaign that, as the post title hints, there are people who are Biden fanatics. They might think he’s a decent guy, but I don’t think there’s that personal sense of attachment.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing: too often, Democrats fanbio/grrl over individual politicians, rather than seeing them as means to ends, and it hurts Democratic voters. But the lack of attachment does lead to a lot of speculation about whether he’ll run again.

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  1. I have never liked Biden. I only voted for him because he wasn’t Trump. He is living up to my very low expectations of him.

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