Links 8/5/22

Links for you. Science:

Robert F. Curl Jr., Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry, Dies at 88
With sharks, treat the beach as the wide-open sea it is rather than a swimming pool
Diner accidentally discovers dinosaur footprints at restaurant in China
In much of Asia, tiger populations are rebounding
Federal office focused on climate change and health has zero funding
How two 1-in-1,000 year rain events hit the U.S. in two days


On Economics And Democracy: High unemployment is extremely dangerous. (excellent)
The GOP went to war against Google over spam — and may win
Senate Dems To VA Sec: You Have The Authority To Provide Abortions To Veterans. Do It.
They Love It
Doctors in abortion-ban states fear prosecution for treating patients with life-threatening pregnancies
This Is What They Wake Up Hoping To Read
Hot mic captured Gaetz assuring Stone of pardon, discussing Mueller redactions
More in US believe harassing health officials is justified
Three-Dimensional Mess: You’ll get nothing and like it
The breakdown of the American system of government as illustrated by Social Security legislation
Tales from the Thrifts. From savings-and-loan crooks to crypto hucksters
How Bill Gates Makes the World Worse Off
Manchin and Schumer’s Astonishing Climate Deal
Fear of Rampant Crime Is Derailing New York City’s Recovery. Violent incidents are up since the pandemic began ⁠— and New Yorkers are nervous. But widespread anxiety obscures the fact that crime is still at decades-long lows.
The Nazification of American Education
‘Nobody would choose this’: A turnpike rest area and a van become home for one Maine family
Climate Change and Kentucky
Republican nominee for Maryland attorney general hosted 9/11 conspiracy radio shows
Thiel, Schmitt, and Spengler
Trump should be charged for crimes against the United States
This Is Not The Way To Help Local News
Inside the remote California county where the far right took over: ‘Civility went out the window’
Ex-DHS Aide Suggests She ‘Went Very Public’ Because She Didn’t Trust Inspector General
Massachusetts should require gun liability insurance

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