Links 7/12/22

Links for you. Science:

Masks for COVID: Updating the evidence
Effects of Previous Infection and Vaccination on Symptomatic Omicron Infections
Hard Wired: How evolutionary psychology ended up at the heart of the culture wars
Admit It, Squirrels Are Just Tree Rats. So why do we love one rodent and hate the other?
Big fish sightings are spiking. Climate change may be the cause.
Retractions aren’t a panacea for bad research


Over 300 Virginia state employees resign in wake of Gov. Youngkin’s telework policy
State reps, teachers react to Tenn. education advisor’s ‘irresponsible’ comments
The Illinois Mass Shooting Proves That The Guns Are The Problem
Congress and the White House must ‘move heaven and earth’ to get gasoline prices down!
Philadelphia Art Museum Workers Struggle for a Contract (this is why bosses don’t want workers to know how much other workers make)
75 years ago, Roswell ‘flying saucer’ report sparked UFO obsession
Newly elected GOP congresswoman spread Capitol riot conspiracies and QAnon hashtags in now-deleted tweets
Pay Me For My Genius
Teachers go to the ‘dumbest colleges’ — who said it and why it matters
Gun culture, gun terror, gun fantasies
Without abortion, advocates worry that abuse victims will be trapped
GOP Senate Candidate Once Called Female Subordinate ‘Pork Chop,’ Lawsuit Says. Kevin Smith, who is running in New Hampshire, also retaliated against a woman who complained about her supervisor’s sexist behavior, the lawsuit alleged.
Unmasking hate after an ugly appearance in Boston
‘We deserve a better T’: Red Line rider launches a quiet protest (“When she went away to college in Washington, D.C., she missed her hometown transit system. She remembers the Metro as plodding, with 15-minute waits for trains in the middle of the day.”)
Is J.B. Pritzker The Democrats’ Only Hope For 2024?
I’m credited with having coined the word ‘Terf’. Here’s how it happened
Alabama Judge Suspended After Ethics Complaint Details Racist Mockery, Rape Jokes. Judge James T. Patterson also allegedly referred to 77-year-old Gov. Kay Ivey as “MeMaw” and told defendants they would be sexually assaulted in prison.
Elon’s Out: Musk lost interest in pretending to buy Twitter.
ADL says suspect arrested in connection with threat made to San Antonio Jewish community
A couple fed nearby ducks. Now, their HOA is threatening to foreclose.
Yelling At Them
‘Hit the kill switch’: Uber used covert tech to thwart government raids
I Was Betrayed by President Trump
Crypto Billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried Is Dangling $1 Billion in Political Donations; But He Wants Dangerous Crypto Derivatives Trading in Return

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