Links 12/2/14

Links for you. Science:

Crossburner Chuck: Still Racist (And Wrong) After All These Years (“marginal journals, edited by racists…
Can a Costly Campaign to Eradicate Polio From Nigeria Possibly Succeed?
The Lancet done screwed up
10 Good Reasons To Get A Flu Shot
Mechanisms of plant co-existence: insights from a Rothamsted 171 years old experiment.


The Big Picture (excellent; must-read)
Telling My Son About Ferguson
On Being a Black Male, Six Feet Four Inches Tall, in America in 2014
What the Media Are Not Telling You About the Late Marion Barry
No Charges for Driver Who Plowed Into Protesters in Minneapolis (the second video shows the driver intentionally chose to drive through the crowd even as other cars went around it; no nCLANG! is going to tell him where to drive…)
Dear Conservatives (“Cliven Bundy”)
The Creepy New Wave of the Internet
I’m Pretty Thankful This Year. Here’s Why. (a single-payer advocate is a healthcare ‘moderate’ who has had to recently use the system….)
When People Looked Forward to Eating Airport Food
As D.C. embraces its industrial past, New York’s High Line Park shows the way (“Dupont Underground”?)
After a Year Off, the Triumphant Return of My Annual Black Friday Post (who knew “Black Friday” was Philly’s contribution to world culture…)
Pollution and Politics
Chicago Public Schools’ $100 Million Swaps Debacle Demonstrates High Cost of High Finance (Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel had to choose between Wall Street and his constituents. You’ll never guess what happened next!)
Dozens of Texas Cities Arrest Black People at a Higher Rate than Ferguson (the last paragraph is key)
Bleak Friday
Just Plane Ugly

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