Kavanaugh and a Missed Opportunity to Protect Public Health Workers

One thing about the uproar about the denial of the unenumerated right to eat at Morton’s Steakhouse (for Supreme Court Justices anyway) that doesn’t sit well with me was the comparative lack of chatter when public health officials were receiving explicit death threats. Newspapers did cove these in their news sections, and there were the occasional op-eds. But the centrist pearl-clutchers didn’t seem upset (a fair number of them probably agreed with the terrorists).

I have no idea if it would have been or still would be politically savvy, but it would have been good to see Democrats attempt to pass legislation that would make it illegal to harm or threaten (and of course, murder) public health workers similar to the laws for cops.

Like I said, it’s probably not politically savvy (though it might be. Can’t really know without trying!), but it would have helped a lot.

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