Links 4/4/13

Links for you. Science:

Gene Sequencing Pinpoints Antibiotic Resistance Moving From Livestock to Humans (must-read)

Do intellectual property rights on existing technologies hinder subsequent innovation?
(about gene patents)
A red-tailed hawk with a very bad idea
Henrietta Lacks, Publishing Genomes, and Family Vetos (I agree)
The Past, Present and Future of Scholarly Publishing


America needs social justice, not another dumb ‘conversation about race’ (must-read)
Democracy vs. the leaderships (must-read)
Bribes are a common routine for Boston taxi drivers: Boston’s cabbies can be a surly lot, but consider what they endure. A Globe investigation finds a taxi trade where fleet owners get rich, drivers are frequently fleeced, and the city does little about it.
Value-added model doesn’t find bad teachers, causes administrators to cheat
North Carolina Republicans Want Unregulated, Unsupervised Charter$
How to Ask Someone Out: A Primer for People Who Pretend Not to Know
Where Are Progressives in the Fight To Save Public Schools? (on the wrong side mostly. Liberals on the other hand…)
White men have much to discuss about mass shootings
The Numic Spread
White Flour! redux. When clowns are the only answer
Scripps Howard writes a puff piece on the KKK. No, really!
The Gay Marriage Debate Has Probably Not Affected Straight Marriage Much

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