Links 6/11/22

Links for you. Science:

Scientists can now grow wood in a lab without cutting a single tree
Something you don’t see everyday: a grizzly bear chasing wild horses in Alberta
Fences and Electric-Shock Robots: The New Tech of the Caribbean’s Lionfish Battle
Durability of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Booster Vaccine Protection Against Omicron Among Health Care Workers with a Vaccine Mandate
Many researchers were not compliant with their published data sharing statement: mixed-methods study
PhD students face cash crisis with wages that don’t cover living costs


Bigot Reviews Bigot for NYT Book Review
Philly’s South Street massacre demands action on guns, but GOP isn’t having it
Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse Already Sucks
Sam Bankman-Fried’s Multimillion-Dollar Game. He is spending prodigious amounts on lobbying and elections to ensure that crypto is lightly regulated in the future.
Never Hear About Crime Trends in SF Again
Deep Something
California Wants to Slash Insulin Prices by Becoming a Drugmaker. Can it Succeed?
D.C.’s Main Streets Grant Program is ‘Highly Susceptible’ to Fraud and Abuse, OIG Review Finds
Lessons I’ve learned on the frontlines of the gun violence epidemic
Fears of militia plot after Wisconsin judge’s murder probably groundless, but threat remains real
FBI seizes retired general’s data related to Qatar lobbying
New study shows welfare prevents crime, quite dramatically
Buttigieg, at least 14 others test positive for COVID-19 after Mackinac Policy Conference
It Never Tells The Whole Story
Witnesses to Uvalde Brought the Horror They Saw to Congress
I’m nearly 60. Here’s what I’ve learned about growing old so far
Our Sadistic Journalist/Pundit Class
The New York Times’s Worst Journalist
Why Does the ‘New York Times’ Feel the Need To Inject Transphobia Into the Fight for Abortion Access?
Michigan GOP gubernatorial candidate Kelley arrested on Jan. 6 riot-related charges
Private Messages Reveal the Cis Journalist Groupthink Behind Trans Media Narratives

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