How Will Professional Democrats React to the Loss of National Safe and Legal Abortion?

Because it’s coming, and I’m afraid Paul Waldman might be right (boldface mine):

In blue states, Democrats are passing laws to enhance and secure abortion access. But although national Democrats could make the assault on women’s rights a mobilizing issue for the midterm elections, they seem reluctant to do so. Instead, they’re spending their time debating how best to focus on “kitchen table issues” and politely ask Republicans not to hit them too hard.

Meanwhile, Republicans know that even in the face of the Supreme Court’s ongoing assault on fundamental rights, only their side seems to care much about the future of the court. So Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) can make it clear that Republicans will never again allow a Democratic president to fill a Supreme Court vacancy, and barely anyone takes notice, as if, hey, that’s just politics.

That’s why my great fear is that the court will overturn Roe this summer, consigning tens of millions of American women unfortunate enough to live in red states to a grim future, and Democrats will issue some stern press releases about it, then after a day or two go back to saying how they care about gas prices, too. Then they’ll be obliterated in the midterms, lose the House and Senate, and tell themselves it was all the left’s fault.

I hate to say it, but Waldman is probably right. Both the Democratic Party itself and its allied organizations are sclerotic. The issue isn’t that they lack message discipline, it’s that, come hell or high water (and thanks to global warming, we’ll get both!), they’re going to do the whole ‘Democrats Deliver’ strategy–which only works if people think you’ve delivered.

Lordy, we’re fucked. Happy Friday.

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4 Responses to How Will Professional Democrats React to the Loss of National Safe and Legal Abortion?

  1. Norbert says:

    And not just a little bit screwed either. It is as if Democrats cannot do two things at once. Talk abortion rights to appeal to the suburban crowd that prioritizes this and talk bread and butter issues to the working class base. It is not that hard. But noooooo! Makes one think they really don’t want to be elected. Of course, the real problem is delivery, on any issue at all except increasing military and police budgets. Here democrats shine. Everything else, not so much.

  2. johnkrehbiel says:

    Does either party actually stand for anything?

    Oh yeah. The Republicans are for tax cuts for the rich (abortion and other “family values” are just to fool the poor into voting for the interests of the very wealthy) and Democrats are for “We’ll just play nice no matter what and hope they do the same”

  3. jrs says:

    Sure Democrats could campaign on abortion, they have many times, “but the Supreme Court”, and well Dems definitely don’t have the Supreme court, and are not likely to do anything about abortion other than that (despite nominally having the rest of the government right now)

    And I don’t know if elect Dems so that you can hope an old Republican supreme court justice dies in their term is really such a winning message “elect Dems and patiently hope for the grim reaper”. On a state level in these red states a Dem running on abortion might work.

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