Links 4/14/22

Links for you. Science:

Long COVID affects 1 in 5 people following infection. Vaccination, masks and better indoor air are our best protections
1 in 7 People Have a Headache Right Now
Americans Gon’ Wild: Gonorrhea and Syphilis at Record Highs in 2020
An experimental COVID drug was so successful that they’re shutting down trials early
Shriek! Slap! Pow! The Small Bat Wins.


Where Was Doug Jensen Radicalized? Russia’s 2016 Election Tampering
Now warning about Hunter Biden-laptop disinfo: The guy who leaked it
Oklahoma Republicans Just Passed a Law Forcing a Woman to Have Her Rapist’s Baby
This January 6 Defendant’s FBI Interview Suggests He’s Been Marinating in Propaganda Since 2016
What’s in a Name: The Problem with “Warfighter”
America Created Its Own Booster Problems. Months of confusing messaging, piled onto existing inequities, kneecapped America’s booster campaign before it had really started.
Finland and Sweden joining NATO could put Trump’s GOP in the hot seat
Why ‘Vision Zero’ Hit a Wall
Ukrainian fighter pilots in old jets take on better-equipped Russians
Is the Central Business District Doomed?
TikTok created an alternate universe just for Russia
How the Philippines’ brutal history is being whitewashed for voters
Collecting the dead in Bucha
Mark Meadows removed from N.C. voter rolls amid fraud investigation
The Unwritten Senate Rule Blocking New Jersey Governor’s Nominees (Democrats need to start fucking governing)
Media blows New York subway shooting story. Cities aren’t the problem. Guns are the problem
When You’re a Colossal Dick for the Sake of Being a Colossal Dick
Sweden’s Decision To Let Old People Die Who Could be Saved (“This is mass murder. It is not triage, in triage you choose the people most likely to survive because you don’t have enough resources to save all of them. But Sweden had oxygen and chose to give morphine or it chose to not even examine old people with symptoms and treat them either in hospital or out with anything but morphine.”)
Anita Bonds Says She’s Never Heard of D.C.’s Massive Housing Voucher Waitlist
‘The Russians are trying to obliterate us. You think that we’d agree to half-measures now?’

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