Two More Reasons Why We Need a National Sick Day Policy

I’ve discussed the astonishing lack of self-interest in opposing a sick day policy before, but two CDC reports make it clear why we need a national sick day policy. Reason one (boldface mine):

Twenty percent of workers said that they had worked while ill with vomiting or diarrhea for at least one shift in the previous year; 12% of workers said that they had worked while ill with vomiting or diarrhea on two or more shifts in the previous year. Restaurant characteristics linked with workers having said that they had worked while ill were high volume of meals served, lack of policies requiring workers to report illness to managers, lack of on-call workers, and lack of manager experience.

Onward and upward–reason two:

40 percent of sick food workers didn’t go home because they have no sick leave: Of 491 food workers, more than half said they had worked a shift while ill. One hundred twenty-seven of those workers indicated that they did so because they had no paid sick leave or sick leave policy. According to the CDC, a lot of these workers also didn’t want to leave their coworkers short-staffed: “Social and personal concerns appear more likely to guide workers’ decisions” than pay, the researchers wrote.

Even if you have utter disdain for the ‘moocher’ class, they can still make you sick. Might want to give them a sick day now and then. Perhaps even make it socially acceptable to take it. Unless you believe that the community that shares norovirus together, stay together. Or something.

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