Barbara Walters: You Kids Have No Idea What It’s Like To Get By On $285,000 Per Year

By way of Digby (who’s having a fundraiser by the way), we come across this wonderful bit of obliviousness (boldface mine):

When Walters first went on the air “they paid me $750 a week, and I was grateful for it,” she says.

Walters first went on air in 1962, so that $750 per week in 2013 dollars is around $285,000 per year.

I imagine many people would be grateful to earn $285,000 per year.

And the congregation responds: This is yet another reason why we can’t have nice things.

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5 Responses to Barbara Walters: You Kids Have No Idea What It’s Like To Get By On $285,000 Per Year

  1. Shit, I’d be grateful for $750 a week today, at least in my part of the country.

    • Warren Terra says:

      Yeah, I found this striking – $750/week is almost $20/hour (more if she’s talking take-home pay). I do a bit better than this, thankfully – but about half the country doesn’t, and a strong majority is within sight of that figure. Sure, you figure in the 7.5x inflation correction and she looks completely insane, but even without the correction she looks oblivious to how more than half the country lives.

  2. coloncancercommunity says:

    This is ridiculous….I’m sorry but that’s the only word for it. How on earth can you compare apples and oranges like that.

  3. Eck! says:

    She only earned six times what collectively both my parents made and they were doing well in 1962! the difference is my parents were raising three kids and working three jobs to do that.
    I’d add that was also in the same part of the country so its a fair comparison.

    Yes, she should be grateful!


  4. Vene says:

    I have a college education and a few years of work experience and I don’t make $750/week.

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