Links 12/24/13

It’s my birthday! Let’s celebrate with some links. Science:

Assembly Could Benefit From More Circular Reasoning
Drug-Resistant Bacteria on Chicken: It’s Everywhere and the Government Can’t Help
How one publisher is stopping academics from sharing their research
Christmas in the lab – do’s and don’ts
The availability of research data declines rapidly with article age


States with higher black turnout are more likely to restrict voting (“The more that minorities and lower-income individuals in a state voted, the more likely such restrictions were to be proposed. Where minorities turned out at the polls at higher rates the legislation was more likely enacted.”)
After 18 Months, Iowa Investigation Finds A Voter Fraud Rate Of .00075 Percent
Taxes And Income Distribution: The Way It Was And The Way It Is
I Got Myself Arrested So I Could Look Inside the Justice System
“We Need to Talk About TED”
Sparky’s prescience
The Kansas Regents’ (Unintentional) Honesty about Academic Freedom
Always Low Wages? Wal-Mart’s Other Choices (pretty much what I said here)
The opposite of what they do in America
More reports from the NSA field trip. (Maybe we should send Dennis Rodman next time)
Almost Quote of the Day
Snap Out of It: If this judge doesn’t buy the legal basis for the NSA’s intrusive phone snooping, no one should.
The Minimum Wage and McDonald’s Welfare
Too much parking
“Dropping out of the labor force” doesn’t mean people are dropping dead

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  1. savage/barbarian/civilization thing) and his fetishization of the martial virtues of “Aryan manhood” has extremely unfortunate implications to the post-WW2 reader. Also rather cringe-inducing is the idea that black people are somehow fundamentally incapable of architecture, and thus any stone ruins in sub-Saharan Africa (or its Hyborian Age counter

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