This Is the Core Customer for the NRA

It used to be said that Harley Davidson had the best brand loyalty as it was the only company whose customers would actually tattoo the corporate logo onto their bodies. That might be kinda nuts, but the NRA customer is full-bore nutty bonkers. This is how one gun nut–who is a widely read blogger on the right–responded to New York’s recent passage of strict gun safety laws (boldface mine):

Were an angry group of disenfranchised citizens to target in a strategic manner the substations leading to a city or geographic area—say, Albany, for example—they could put the area in the dark for as long as it took to bring the substations back online. Were they committed enough, and spread their attacks out over a wide enough area, perhaps mixing in a few tens of dozens of the residential transformers found every few hundred yards along city streets, they could overwhelm the utility companies ability to repair the damage being caused or law enforcement’s ability to stop them…

How many days with partial power or no power, how many nights in the dark, would it take before the local economy collapsed in the targeted area? Insurgents could cripple a city, region, or state, without ever firing a bullet at another human being.

Progressives seeking to undermine the Constitution seem to think they hold all the cards. I would warn them that they are not remotely prepared for what will happen if they attempt to cross Constitutional boundaries and natural rights.

It could be a cold, dark winter.

Tread carefully.

The problem is not that most Republicans agree with this treasonous lunacy*: I genuine think the majority don’t. The problem is that these loons are an integral part of the Republican governing coalition–they can’t win without them. As the Republican Party chooses party over country, all of us have to put up with these wackaloons.

*The blogger in question used to blog under the name “Confederate Yankee” which tells you everything you need to know.

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6 Responses to This Is the Core Customer for the NRA

  1. Gwen says:

    My favorite descriptive term courtesy of Jon Stewart, “Assholes with a soup fetish.” ASFs for short.

  2. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    Why is he claiming to be “disenfrachised”? Has someone called for denying the vote to gun owners?

  3. Min says:

    Fortunately, such terrorists would be met by a well regulated militia protecting the security of the free state. 🙂

    You know, we keep talking about regulation of the militia, but we should also talk about the purpose of the second amendment being the protection of the state.

  4. george.w says:

    We could only hope they’d be standing right next to a transformer when they get the bright idea to shoot it.

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