They Came for Abortion, and Likely Got It

A few weeks ago, I asked what the professional Democratic plan was when Republican justices struck down Roe v. Wade and turned abortion back to the states (at that point, it would be illegal in about twenty states). Of course, we know what they’ll likely do: some performative bullshit that doesn’t do anything, and then attempt to run on ‘Democrats Deliver’ (good luck with that, assholes). I’ll also point out that they clearly haven’t gamed out a response (because that would be work).

It’s worth noting that the Alito draft, if it is indicative of the majority opinion*, is clearly a violation of the First Amendment. As I’ve been discussing since 2006, there are situations, for Jews, where the ethical choice is to have the abortion. Not ‘well, ok, you slutty slut, you can have an abortion’, but, instead, the fetus is defined as a rodef, a criminal pursuer intent on doing harm, and the abortion is self-defense.

Not that this will persuade the white Christian supremacists of the Republican Party, who have always had a ‘Jewish problem‘.

Meanwhile, it’s clear that the centrist Democratic strategy of ‘back to normal’ has failed. Unfortunately, professional Democrats, in the year 2022 of Our Gritty, simply are unable for many reasons to mount a serious challenge.

Can’t wait to see what happens to gay marriage, birth control, and interracial marriage**.

*My hunch is a conservative who supports this leaked it, so the Republican justices wouldn’t be able to water down the opinion or change their minds.

**Despite Alito’s claims to the contrary, there’s no reason the Republican-controlled court can’t use the same logic, such as it is, for these issues too.

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