Links 5/2/22

Links for you. Science:

Zoo and museum collaborations could alter how we think about animals
Rescuing The Massive Swamp Our Country Depends On But Has Mostly Forgotten. Louisiana’s Atchafalaya Basin, the nation’s largest cypress swamp, nurtures an abundant ecosystem and protects a critical coast. But years of exploitation and neglect have made it a “ticking time bomb.”
Florida reintroduces math textbooks scrubbed of ‘woke’ content
Looking for a well-behaved dog? Breed may not tell you much.
COVID-19 patients share common, corticosteroid-independent features of impaired host immunity to pathogenic molds
Impaired immune response drives age-dependent severity of COVID-19


The Long COVID Road Ahead: We don’t know what we don’t know, but we are learning. And what we’re learning is pretty alarming. (paper here)
CDC strategy on masks could haunt the country: The Biden administration says it wants to help the millions of Americans suffering from long Covid. Critics say its approach is inconsistent with that goal.
Black grads aren’t making bad decisions about student loan debt. It’s the loans that are the bad idea. (you’ll note that a certain senator–not the one you’re thinking of–has a plan for that)
Blaming the Woke Twitter Mob for Reactionary Politics, Part 45,600: Michelle Goldberg crosses the line from good-faith debates about tactics into victim-blaming the targets of reactionary violence for the existence of reactionary violence. (excellent)
Ask Amy: Brother insists vaccinated relatives take COVID tests before visit. Is that reasonable?
The Supreme Court Has Just Invented a New Way to Harass Vulnerable People
The Fifth Shot: How can immune-compromised people protect themselves?
Right-Wing Elitism is Even Uglier than Liberal Elitism. Yes, too many Democratic politicians are Ivy-educated lawyers. But right-wing populism is a sham led by real estate developers and venture capitalists. Nothing could be more elitist than the Republican antagonism toward democracy.
Violence interruption works, but the people on the front lines deserve to be treated like professionals
2,000 Epstein coefficients
Elon Musk, Twitter and the future: His long-term vision is even weirder than you think
I coined a new term: Technocratopian
Democrats, You Can’t Ignore the Culture Wars Any Longer
The ‘Mayor of MAGAville’ Is a White Rapper Named Forgiato Blow. He rapped about guns and women without any success. But a pivot toward Donald Trump has put Kurt Jantz at the heart of MAGA politics.
People’s Convoy fires live rounds at anti-fascists in Oregon
Candidate for Pa. lieutenant governor ordered to stay away from home after wife alleges physical, mental abuse
Fuck The Young They Don’t Vote Anyway
Here’s How Homelessness And Politics Meet Amid An HIV Outbreak In One US City
Hacking Russia was off-limits. The Ukraine war made it a free-for-all.
Student loan forgiveness is a savvy political move — and the right thing to do
How a billionaires boys’ club came to dominate the public square
This Is Not Normal: A Letter From the Toronto Real-Estate Forever Boom
Three steps for Elon Musk if he’s serious about free speech at Twitter

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