Links 4/8/22

Links for you. Science:

African clinical trial denied access to key COVID drug Paxlovid
Scientists divided on need for 4th Covid shot after FDA quietly approved another round of boosters
The Evidence On 4th Doses of Covid Vaccines & the Thorny Question of Age Thresholds
Diabetes risk rises after COVID, massive study finds


In Bucha, the scope of Russian barbarity is coming into focus
Eric Boehlert’s Spirit Was Decades Younger and His Wisdom Decades Older. One of the only media critics who mattered has died at 57 years old.
The Two Jons
The Fixer: Justin Bibb’s election signals a new era in Cleveland, but it remains unclear how his progressive rhetoric will translate into governing.
Gotta love a @MasPazUno mural.
The Great Disconnect: Why are Americans so unhappy about the economy?
What If Fox News Viewers Watched CNN Instead?
They Always Meant It
How Republican Rep. John Rose Found His Wife: This Tennessee representative married a college undergraduate when he was 45.
Internet ‘algospeak’ is changing our language in real time, from ‘nip nops’ to ‘le dollar bean.’ To avoid angering the almighty algorithm, people are creating a new vocabulary
Stop it. Just stop it.
Eric Boehlert Got Everything Right About Our Petty, Self-Congratulating Media. From his early coverage of political reporters’ savaging Al Gore to his incisive critique of their Joe Biden coverage right before he died, he got it. And he will be missed.
Proof of negative COVID test required for DCPS students after spring break
Fox News’ viewers can change their attitudes with exposure to CNN

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