Links 4/7/22

Links for you. Science:

We need answers to these four long Covid questions (question #2…)
How Japan survived covid-19
NIH’s identity crisis: The pandemic and the search for a new leader leave the agency at a crossroads
COVID-19: India Is the Only Country To Approve Corbevax. But Where’s the Data? (I like Peter Hotez, but even basic immunological data has been very limited)
Diabetes risk rises after COVID, massive study finds
The remarkable brain of a carpet cleaner who speaks 24 languages


I Never Thought The Amur Leopard Would Take A 1.6″ Bite Out Of My Perioral Area
Republicans thought defining a ‘woman’ is easy. Then they tried.
Great Moments In Corporate Communication
As VP of Comms For the Newsletter Company, It’s Really Important That I Make Sure Everyone Associates Our Brand With Being a Huge Unaccountable Dipshit
RIP Eric Boehlert
The Russian Military Has Descended Into Inhumanity
Why Are People So Concerned About Inflation
The Horror of Bucha
Make No Mistake: The Random Accusations of Pedophilia Are a Pre-Justification for Violent Reaction (I told you this)
Who’s Soft on Russia? Meet the Republican Anti-Ukraine Caucus!
Trump’s new admission about Jan. 6 should boost pressure on Garland
Video appears to show Ukrainian troops killing captured Russian soldiers.
“Do Not Try to Interrupt a Ukrainian Woman”: Explaining the War to Europe’s Skeptics
The Story of Pictureman: When a person dies on a D.C. street, the Metropolitan Police Department is responsible for informing their next of kin. What happens when that process doesn’t go according to plan?
COVID-19 health workers suffer combat-type moral trauma
KFF COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor: Views On The Pandemic At Two Years

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