Another Way to Piss Off Democratic Leaning Voters

President Biden, no doubt inspired by some polling data, has been calling for workers to return to the office. Leaving aside all of the reasons why many don’t want to do this (e.g., wanting to avoid getting COVID, wasting time commuting, office bullshit, less flexibility in schedules), this strikes me as very stupid politically. If a key part of the Democratic coalition is college educated urban/suburban people, then it seems very stupid to yell at people to return to work when they don’t want to do so.

Of course, this is New Democrat policy making in a nutshell: pissing on your own base (and telling them it’s raining), while responding to short-term business concerns and profits, instead of realizing that cities and downtowns aren’t going to be like they used to be. As one person on the Twitterz put it:

They had two years to solve “The Chipotle can’t stay open if people aren’t at the office the Chipotle is in and have no choice but to eat Chipotle for lunch” and after two years they settled on “force everyone to go back to the office so they have to eat Chipotle for lunch”

Yes, Republicans are actively and aggressively malevolent, but New Democrats are not good. Nonetheless, if this does anger any Democratic-leaning voters, the New Democrats will blame it on ‘defund the police’ anyway.

Merry Wednesday!

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  1. jrs says:

    If you are a person who works from home and benefits from working from home, whether through avoiding covid and it’s who knows what long-term complications (damaged brain and heart?), reduced commuting and $ and time savings, better work life balance and more time for family and friends, less time in a toxic workplace, more accommodations for physical and mental handicaps, whatever. Then THIS IS *actively and aggressively malevolent*, and it’s personal.

    So it’s far more likely to immediately and viscerally register as a straight out act of war by our rulers, than something than may only affect people half a world away, or some abstract corruption, or merely a promise that didn’t happen. Because it’s not just not delivering on a promise, it’s trying to actively take things away from people. It’s not the first time with the Biden admin, there was the child tax credit, given and shown to lead to massive child poverty reductions, and then taken away.

    And it’s a direct attack on about the only positive thing to come out of this whole hellish pandemic, which we have endured under horrible leadership for two years and two administrations, in a country that has had massive death. The citizens of this country almost frankly deserve a medal for living under this @#$#. What did any of us do to deserve leadership this bad? But instead the Biden admin wants to actively destroy one of the few good things to come out of it.

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